Search the Archives is a platform aimed at on-line publications of scans and records of archival content from State Archives in Poland and non-archival entities. Through Search the Archives portal you are able to browse numerous collections without leaving your home and with completely open access that does not require any registration nor fees.

We make available content from:

- The Integrated Archival Information System (ZoSIA) which is a central database for State Archives and other institutions;

- „Program Rejestracji Akt Metrykalnych i Stanu Cywilnego” (PRADZIAD) which contains information about genealogical documents in State Archives of Poland.

Search the Archives portal had been launched in 2009 and is undergoing continuous development by the National Digital Archives.

Terms of service are available here.



Search the Archives portal is open for everybody – genealogists, students, scholars, teachers, research workers, as well as all other persons of interest. The service allows for instant and open access to archival resources from all State Archives in Poland without the necessity of leaving your home.

Ease of searching is guaranteed by straightforward and intuitive engine that offers numerous filters and preferences.



Archival content presented on the portal, provided no prohibitions embedded to its metadata, archival descriptions or digital copies, is to be used freely including downloading, copying and sharing unless stated otherwise (please check the copyright information in materials descriptions).

In case of re-using archival resources published in the servce it is recommended to:

  1. Inform about source and time of obtaining the information from the portal (name of the archives or archival fund, signature, link to scan or time of access);

  2. refrain from using the content of martyrdom or that which contains the national emblem, anthem and colors of the Republic of Poland, as well as crests, reproductions of medals and honorary awards, decorations and military decorations nor any other awards in the field of commerce and whichever activity that would have offended the dignity of abovementioned symbols.

Detailed terms of access to originals, reprography service or information about re-use are subject to individual state archives’ regulations. As the administrator of the portal the National Digital Archives cannot be held accountable for mistakes in digital records of archival materials that do not belong to the NDA’s collection.


Publishing institutions

State Archives in Poland which contribute content to the portal:

  1. Central Archives of Historical Records

  2. Archives of Modern Records

  3. National Digital Archives

  4. State Archives in Białystok (incl. Łomża branch)

  5. State Archives in Bydgoszcz (incl. Inowrocław branch)

  6. State Archives in Częstochowa

  7. State Archives in Gdańsk (incl. Gdynia branch)

  8. State Archives in Gorzów Wielkopolski

  9. State Archives in Kalisz

  10. State Archives in (incl. branches in Bielsko-Biała, Cieszyn, Gliwice, Pszczyna, Raciborz)

  11. State Archives in Kielce (incl. Sandomierz branch)

  12. State Archives in Koszalin (incl. branches Słupsk and Szczecinek)

  13. State Archives in Kraków (incl. branches in Bochnia, Nowy Sącz and Tarnów)

  14. State Archives in w Leszno

  15. State Archives in Lublin (incl. branches in Chełm, Kraśnik and Radzyń Podlaski)

  16. State Archives in Malbork

  17. State Archives in Olsztyn

  18. State Archives in Opole

  19. State Archives in Piotrków Trybunalski (incl. Tomaszów Mazowiecki branch)

  20. State Archives in Płock (incl. branches in Kutno and Łęczyca)

  21. State Archives in Poznań (incl. branches in Konin, Piła and Gniezno)

  22. State Archives in Przemyśl

  23. State Archives in Radom

  24. State Archives in Rzeszów (incl. Sanok branch )

  25. State Archives in Siedlce

  26. State Archives in Suwałki (incl. Ełk branch )

  27. State Archives in Szczecin (incl. branches in Międzyzdroje and Stargard)

  28. State Archives in Toruń (incl.  Włocławek branch)

  29. State Archives in Warszawa (incl. branches in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Łowicz, Mława, Otwock and Pułtusk)

  30. State Archives in Wrocław (incl. branches in Bolesławiec, Jelenia Góra,  Kamieniec Ząbkowicki and Legnica)

  31. State Archives in Zamość

  32. State Archives in Zielona Góra